My Many Muses… and a Birthday!

Today is the birthday of someone who brought about a tremendous growth in character development and improved to the storyline I created for my class.  This means that the book I have finally started is off and running – sometimes at a snail’s pace, and sometimes I am back at the computer two or three more times in the day as I have more ideas.

It all started one June day when I was bored and looking for a show to watch after my work was done…. and as I am writing for pre-teens and teens… it is a teeny bopper directed kind of show.  And how I love it as a 48-and-some-SERIOUS-change kinda teacher.  Not only have I developed my story, but now I am sketching – mostly portrait style as I have finally found the peace to sit still and work at something for ME long term, but I also have found a method that helps me create realistic sketches.  Through it all – I DO NOT – hear those goofy trains that make me twitchy!

Go Me!

So – with that thought in mind – what inspires you?  How do you take creative ideas and build your time of relaxation?

Do you find peace in those activities?

Do you remember to use them everyday?

I hope so… so with that thought in mind I shall let the message sink in after I once more say…

Happy Birthday to a Muse of Mine!



Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.



Much too late…

Beyond the veil, Lie the lost

Those killed in action, Others by their own hand

Many more remain but lost, Surrendering daily to the cost


Will it never end?


Vengeance and war, Leave them torn

Damaging all, Causing many more to fall

We must step in, We must teach value

Value for those that are left, No matter what condition they are in


When will it ever end?


Maybe never, But it is worth it to step in


We must not give in

For we have something worth fighting for!

5/28/2017                                                                       K.A.T.H.


Hi again!

Just a short note to share that I had a minor breakthrough with my creative ideas compared to stressors recently.   I have been working some magic of my own as I have been reading and reviewing the written works of JK Rowling for class… as I may have shared previously.  In doing so, I have also taken to watching the movies seeking multiple levels of inspiration but in the process, I missed an important one.  By watching the shows, reading the books, and writing ideas down, I find that my nemesis – the local train whipping through every few hours, or minutes – is not heard near so frequently.  I knew taking part in activities that you love makes tough times easier to manage, but I have never found a tool that would drown out trains til now.  Time will tell how well this continues to work.   I will be in touch!

Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.



Each and Every Day!

One of the most frustrating things I experience is that I dedicate myself to an idea or project, and quite often I do as I have here.  I visit once in a while rather than focus each and every day.  At this point I feel the crazy chaos of starting a new semester of school along with a new year.  It also is coated in a sugary layer of positive thoughts and hopeful beginnings as I move forward and prepare for my 3rd writing class.  The momentum and joy of taking writing classes has continued, if not amplified over the past few months and has brought one important thought to mind.

Each and Every Day!

To be a successful writer, one must dedicate time to writing everyday.   Without that focus, the skills do not remain sharp, nor do they come as readily when needed.  This is true of every skill we wish to utilize professionally or in our personal lives.  In our actions or in our behaviors.

Simply said, whatever you choose to do, do it with passion.

Complete it with dedication.

Remain focused on the task and practice it Each and Every Day!


Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.



… And this is why I try not to make too many promises…

I promised to be in touch throughout my writing classes, and here I am a class and half in and finally coming back to the board.  Tonight I sent an email to nominate David Villalva, and his website: – to the top 101 websites contest.  His work has been part of my studies through accidental efforts as I have looked for additional sources to aide my writing goals.

Not only has he been effective in keeping me focused, but he also manages to find a way to keep my trust rolling forward.  And let me tell you… wow!  Believable characters…. had to use a lot of my own quirks to keep that point in place.  All is good.. now setting.  Oy!  I love the idea of not using a specific location on Earth as we know it… I need some freedom so I can explore the world and feel that my lack of traveling has a valid source.  So I am looking at pictures, searching my mind for ideas… and now I need a governing, cultural, and .. well.. complete world.

And again I say.. oy.
But then I see the kind of freedom and gratification that only creation can give me.  So, with that in mind… I will sign off for now and wish you well in your efforts to let the art of creation take your mind to the best of places.

Main idea of the scatterbrained post?  Keep creativity alive – especially the type of creativity that you love – carpentry…. welding… writing… art… on a daily basis if you can.

As one of the videos I watched exploring for class says… the only bad book is that which is not attempted.  So go forth and create with all your horrible terrible first ideas – then look for the gem in the midst!

Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon!



Week 1 – Creative Writing classes

In order to maintain my wish for this site to be useful, as well as become more readily accessed regularly by easily distracted me – I am going to share some of the writing tips that I am learning as a creative writing grad student.  Hopefully one or many of you will find value in what I share and can either improve your writing goals, or can find writing to be a valuable way to decompress.

So.. here goes nothin!

Have you ever read a book and realized.. hey, why did the author create that character?  Why is this book set for adults when kids would enjoy it?  WHY am I not writing a book like this!?  That, my friends, is one of the most valuable tools that is mentioned in week 1 of this course.  Fortunately I had already started this habit because .. and I don’t know about you, but when people tell me to show-don’t-tell a story line, I find many ways to confuse myself instead of going with my instincts.

So… to lets start there.  Write what you love.  Write what you know.  Write what fascinates you, and read what you love with the intent to tear the author’s approach up to gain more insight toward your craft.

Have a great week!

Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.



I’m Baaaaack!

Like it or not, I have made it back to the land of the cyber world and Bacon for the Brain.  I even managed to get a few photos of bacon which will soon grace the page. In the meantime…

A few things have developed and I am once again laying claim to the title – perpetual student.  Through a recent meeting in Malta I found a possible connection with the Montana Arts Council and through the discussion, I am focusing my efforts on establishing an office that yes, will still help with travel if needed, and documents, but will turn most of the office time toward coping tools.  The ideas I have in mind include writing, painting, drawing, carpentry, welding, mechanics, etc.  Ideas that can be turned into coping tools as well as tools that will lead toward financial success for my future clients.

This is where you insert comment toward ideas that I have not thought to include so I can focus my efforts on finding coworkers to help lead.  Keep me in your thoughts if you have no ideas yet, but may later.

Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.