Spark! – 1.1

Sooo… with those thoughts in mind. Have you ever been certain that Angels walk among us? That God has a hand in every little thing we do, but … in the rocky and dark moments, neither are anywhere to be found…?

That is the inspiration behind the character Blaze, and the tale that is becoming Spark. That spark of inspiration that is needed to keep your head above water, fighting to the next moment. The next day. Finding ways to gain control of the emotions that run both sides of the spectrum.

These characters will lead us on a journey of creativity. Of battles that need to be fought with the Negative Neds’ and Noras’ of the world. Of finding our magic whether it be in art, writing, metal or woodworking… whatever it is that allows us to get out of our heads and thrive.

One thing that I can say for this, albeit brief, blog of ideas… I am gaining ground in not just building Spark!, but also in understanding the mindset behind my nemesis within the novel. Now, if I would just get out of my own way and write…

For now… stay strong. Share ideas. Find joy…

Good morning, good night wherever you are! Until tomorrow…



Spark! – 1

Have you walked in a store, an office at work, or any setting where others are present, and knew something was in your favor? That the stars had aligned and today was your day?

Maybe it was that you were relaxed, on vacation, or just away from the stress of your obligations, but you felt it, right?

I have felt that more and more as time passes.

One minute it is just a good day.

The next someone pays for a pop that wasn’t run through the register when I paid for my groceries and I only have my debit card.

The next is when I pay that action forward and help someone else out because I felt someone needed a boost and it was a simple act to give back.

Those moments are the inspiration. Those are the moments that I know my mind is in the right space for the creativity to flow… so of course I just enjoy the moment and Netflix to my heart’s content.

… but then again… I do pick apart what I am watching for ideas. I don’t squander the joy of watching a show dedicated to emergency personnel… or a super hero that flashes by as he saves the world.

I end up with more ideas than I know what to do with and that is 99% of the problem… but for now I will take the problems. I will go forth and begin drafting my first ideas for Blaze. And when I am not completely overwhelmed and a plot has come together.. you will be the first to know!

Good morning, good night wherever you are! See you soon…




Have you ever had an idea that, in the moment, felt like it was a phenomenal idea? An idea that the more you thought about it, the more you considered it to be one-of-a-kind… Life affirming… Inspiring?

Was the inspiration brought on by a TV show… movie… book?  … or maybe a child. One so innocent in their ways that they know what they are handing you, and to them it is so easy. Just do it! No questions. No doubts. No confusion about how to pull it off or that you’ll be satisfied with the end result.

In fact, they are certain you will be so happy with the final product that you will change the world. That’s the end of it for them unless you ask for help, then by gosh you will get the most labor intensive project their little mind can share. And again, it will be done. And it will be a spectacular success!

How many of those ideas have you acted upon?

A few?

Once in a while if they are small and visibly attainable?

Most of them?

If you are like me, you have had them come, often in waves of thought that overwhelm your senses giving you the starting point, and the end result, but the middle is all muddy and confusing.

So maybe you’ve acted on a few, or the ones that are visibly attainable.

…But now… You. Just. Can’t. Take it. Anymore!…

It has to be a big project, or your soul will wither and die in the deep dark depths that are the humdrum of everyday life.

Well… for those of you who are there… or wish you were… I AM! I am well on my way to making a dream come true, and if you’d like to share in the journey… I will do my best to keep you involved.

I will tell you the story, as the ideas unfold…

And may our ponderings be the best we ever told!


Good morning, good night wherever you are!


A Step to the Side: Practicing My Theory

As I have posted before I have been in search of tools that help with stress, anxiety and other moments when life gets into our heads and derails our happy thoughts. Well, the time is now to stop thinking about ideas, and apply – in this moment for me – the art of writing to address the theory.

I have written about 90 pages of a young adult story for my thesis in creative writing.  What will be shared here are ideas for a comic strip, or graphic novel if you prefer, that will help incorporate the familiar to a world that is connected to ours, but not the same space.

And so the ride begins…

Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.



My Many Muses… and a Birthday!

Today is the birthday of someone who brought about a tremendous growth in character development and improved to the storyline I created for my class.  This means that the book I have finally started is off and running – sometimes at a snail’s pace, and sometimes I am back at the computer two or three more times in the day as I have more ideas.

It all started one June day when I was bored and looking for a show to watch after my work was done…. and as I am writing for pre-teens and teens… it is a teeny bopper directed kind of show.  And how I love it as a 48-and-some-SERIOUS-change kinda teacher.  Not only have I developed my story, but now I am sketching – mostly portrait style as I have finally found the peace to sit still and work at something for ME long term, but I also have found a method that helps me create realistic sketches.  Through it all – I DO NOT – hear those goofy trains that make me twitchy!

Go Me!

So – with that thought in mind – what inspires you?  How do you take creative ideas and build your time of relaxation?

Do you find peace in those activities?

Do you remember to use them everyday?

I hope so… so with that thought in mind I shall let the message sink in after I once more say…

Happy Birthday to a Muse of Mine!



Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.


Much too late…

Beyond the veil, Lie the lost

Those killed in action, Others by their own hand

Many more remain but lost, Surrendering daily to the cost


Will it never end?


Vengeance and war, Leave them torn

Damaging all, Causing many more to fall

We must step in, We must teach value

Value for those that are left, No matter what condition they are in


When will it ever end?


Maybe never, But it is worth it to step in


We must not give in

For we have something worth fighting for!

5/28/2017                                                                       K.A.T.H.


Hi again!

Just a short note to share that I had a minor breakthrough with my creative ideas compared to stressors recently.   I have been working some magic of my own as I have been reading and reviewing the written works of JK Rowling for class… as I may have shared previously.  In doing so, I have also taken to watching the movies seeking multiple levels of inspiration but in the process, I missed an important one.  By watching the shows, reading the books, and writing ideas down, I find that my nemesis – the local train whipping through every few hours, or minutes – is not heard near so frequently.  I knew taking part in activities that you love makes tough times easier to manage, but I have never found a tool that would drown out trains til now.  Time will tell how well this continues to work.   I will be in touch!

Good morning, or good night wherever you are.  Talk to you again soon.